Chapter 9: 9/11 Girl’s Parents: LA Dodgers, Philadelphia Phillies, Obama, Trademarks


On January 8, 2011, a shooting occurred in which 19 people were shot in a supermarket parking lot in Casas Adobes, AZ, in the Tucson metropolitan area.  Six of the 19 people were fatalities.  Christina-Taylor Green was one of those fatalities.  She was the only one that did not die at the scene. Christina-Taylor Green was the granddaughter of former Major League Baseball player and manager, Dallas Green, and the second cousin of actress Sophia Bush, according to Wikipedia.  John Dallas and Roxanna (Segalini) Green are Christina’s alleged parents. John D. Green, Christina’s father, is a Scout for the Los Angeles Dodgers, which was previously owned by News Corporation, a Rupert Murdoch company.


Roxanna Green has proclaimed herself as a loving nurse, even though she is not registered as a nurse in the state of Arizona. Following the shooting, mainstream media interviews with John and Roxanna Green sent shockwaves through the spines of many Americans, as they witnessed emotionless parents who were supposed to be grieving their daughter’s death. Roxanna Green, in particular was questionable, as she appeared disconnected from the reality that her daughter was just shot and killed by Jared Lee Loughner.

The general consensus that kept rearing it’s ugly head while researching blogs, comments, forums, and other social networking sites; was that the majority of the public was genuinely concerned about the lack of emotions of Roxanna Green. She appeared to laugh and smile for the camera.  One instance in particular was when Obama blew through Tucson, waving his ‘Hope’ t-shirts while speaking for the citizens at the grand ceremony held at the McKale Memorial Center at the University of Arizona (2011, Photosnip, AP Press)

John and Roxanna Green boasted that their baby daughter was born on 9/11/2001, and that she was the twinkle in their eyes. They politicized her strengths, including comments that Christina wanted to help change America. Christina was delivered to the media in such a way that Christina-Taylor Green was the last chance we all had to save ourselves from our own pity and shame. Notice how ‘Little Dallas’ (Christina’s brother) looks very traumatized in the photo above.

Christina’s brother, Dallas Green, was 11-years old at the time of Christina’s death. It has been stated across AP news articles that he battles with autism. Another interesting numerology fact in this case is Christina was 9, Dallas was 11. Another 9/11 reference and coincidence?

According to Christina’s parents, she was born in Maryland on 9/11/2001. They talked about the tragic day with their daughter and joked about how Christina thought her birthday was a holiday. The parents claimed they would reassure Christina that her birthday was on a day that was a national tragedy.

The gun debates were consuming the nation at the time of these murders. Christina’s father, John Green, did not advocate to take guns away at the time, but his father, Dallas Green, focused heavily on gun control and banning weapons. Since the shooting, Roxanna Green has taken to the stage with “I Demand a Plan” advertising for universal background checks so the nation can be saved from future ‘lone’ gunmen.

Following the shooting, tax records obtained through Pima County confirmed that John and Roxanna paid property taxes on their home as far back as the year 2000. Roxanna and John Green have had many addresses in their backgrounds.

A document search reveals that he had a Deed for property in Phoenix, AZ, held separately from Roxanna Green in 1999, and later sold that property. This property was also turned over through a Quick Claim Deed to John, by his parents. A disclaimer for separate property was filed in 1999, for Roxanna Green. A mortgage note was filed in 2003, in Pima County under the names of both Roxanna and John Green. Another Deed was filed in 2007, under both names, as well. Background searches also reveal that Roxanna and John Green have matching addresses tracing back to Maryland, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Arizona.

While searching for information about the parents, I found certain trademarks Roxanna Green had filed. These were very odd finds, considering the shooting circumstances and the timing of the trademarks. On 9/11/2007, Roxanna Green had filed a trademark under her daughter’s name titled: “Christina-Taylor Green Products.”


Four years later, she filed another trademark called, CTG Memorial Fund, the day after her daughter was shot and killed on January 9, 2011. She then filed  another trademark the following day on January 10th, 2011, Called Christina-Taylor Green Memorial Fund. The timing of these filings was just one and two days after the shooting death of her daughter. I found this paralyzing since most mothers would not know what to do with themselves after suddenly and violently losing a child. Most interesting is that according to CTG’s autopsy, her autopsy was not performed until January 10th, 2011. so, while the autopsy was being performed, Roxanna (mother) was filing a trademark for a memorial fund in her name.


Another interesting note is after the killing of Roxanna’s daughter, she began making and selling Christina Green products. These included ceramic butterflies and t-shirts to benefit the foundation in her honor. It seems a bit odd that a mother would file a product trademark in her daughter’s name (three-plus years earlier) on the birthday of her daughter – September 11, 2007, and then after the shooting, CTG products are funding the foundation she trademarked.

Butterflies are considered a hint to the investigative eye as possible mind-control victims. Specifically, Monarch butterflies have long been known to be associated with mind-control. They sure sold a lot of ‘butterflies’ in the name of Christina-Taylor Green. We must never forget 9/11…


You’re a butterfly… and butterflies are free to fly, fly away, high away bye bye…

The Greens have since incorporated butterflies into their lives as a way of honoring Christina-Taylor, from a necklace her mother wears to a butterfly garden at their home.

Last fall, the Southwest Monarch Study, along with Tohono Chul Park, planted a monarch way station at the Safeway shopping center where the Jan. 8, 2011, shooting occurred. This spring, larvae were spotted on the milkweeds for the first time.

Following the shooting, Roxanna Green and others have created Facebook pages promoting products for the Christina-Taylor Green Memorial Fund. These products are mostly the MK-Ultra and child trafficking symbol –  butterflies.

Roxanna Green (Segalini) and John Green can be linked to having the same addresses in Maryland and Pennsylvania. John Green is originally from Pennsylvania, which is where Christina’s grandfather, Dallas Green resided prior to his death in 2017. At the time of his father’s death,  John Green was the ‘Power of Attorney’, which he had been awarded in 1993.  The paperwork was filed in New York.


George Dallas Green, born on August 4, 1935, is allegedly the grandfather of Christina-Taylor Green. He was involved in professional baseball for over 51 years.

Dallas Green was a former pitcher, manager, and executive in the Major Leagues. After graduating from the University of Delaware, he was signed on as a pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies from 1960-67, and then again in 1967, by scout Jocko Collins. In 1965, he played for the Washington Senators, which later became the Texas Rangers. He also played for the NY Mets in 1966.

Dallas Green began his managerial career for the Philadelphia Phillies from 1979-1981. He then was general manager of the Chicago Cubs from 1982-1987. In 1989, he became the manager of the NY Yankees, and later became the manager for the NY Mets for three years (1993-1996). The Phillies were the World Series Champions in 1980. Green was induced into the Hall of Fame in 2005. (Photo, AP Press, 2011).


Following the shooting, Dallas Green is quoted in AP Press saying,

“That little girl woke an awful lot of people up. We just miss the hell out of her,” said Green, he expressed a touch of anger and frustration, not directly at alleged assailant Jared Lee Loughner, but at the system that permits weapons such as the Glock 19 allegedly used in the Tucson shooting to fall into the wrong hands.” 

“I’m not sure anything (good) can really come of it,” Green said. “We just talked about living in the United States and how important it is that it’s still the best country in the world to live in.” “You would hope there would be some understanding that there are crazies in this world. I guess the one thing that I can’t get through my mind — even though I’m a hunter and I love to shoot and love to have my guns — I don’t have a Glock or whatever it is and I don’t have a magazine with 33 bullets in it. That doesn’t make sense to be able to sell those kinds of things.” 

“I guess I never thought about it until this thing happened. What reason is there to have those kinds of guns other than to kill people? I just don’t understand that.” “Most of what’s been written and said about her is obviously very true,” he said. “She was really a special young lady, probably older than her years. She and her brother were very close. Christina was kind of the mom as much as Roxanna was to little Dallas — made sure he got on the bus, made sure he went to the karate classes on time and made sure they buddied together.” 

“She embodied what’s good about kids and what’s good about growing up in the United States. Obviously, her interest in politics and going to that function — being in the wrong place at the wrong time — hit an awful lot of people hard.” 

“John called her ‘Princess’ and I did, too,” he said. “She was our angel. We called her ‘Tina’ a little bit. Her mother insists on ‘Christina Taylor.’ She wanted her to grow up a lady and I think John wanted her to grow up a sports gal. There was a constant battle about that. But Christina loved to put the lipstick on and all the paraphernalia that you women wear now.”

Dallas Green immediately went to the gun control issue when his granddaughter had allegedly just been killed. Most people understand that people kill people, not guns. Why did Dallas focus on the Glock and the extended magazine instead of Jared Lee Loughner and his alleged animosity towards the government or even his supposed lack of diagnosed mental illness? Following the shooting it was apparent to many that a conspiracy was underway to strip Americans of their right to bear arms. Hillary Clinton signed a UN Foreign Small Arms Treaty, while everyone was focused on the BP Oil Spill in 2010, and subsequently agreed to a timetable of 2012, for the vote on disarming Americans.

Why did Jared Lee Loughner list a phone number that came back to D. Green? Two of the theories that have been discussed in media are: 1). Dallas Green knew Jared Lee Loughner prior to the shooting death of his granddaughter. 2). George Dallas Green signed his Power of Attorney rights over to John D. Green, along with property rights in 1993. John Dallas Green may actually be the one that is meant by D. Green on the phone records.

No address is listed on those records and a later, deeper inquiry into the phone number listed the number as invalid. Interestingly enough, I could find no evidence confirming that Dallas even has a granddaughter named Christina.

(Picture left) Christina was involved in the Canyon del Oro Little League as part of her extra-curricular activities.

George Dallas Green, should also be taken under investigation, especially since his comments and demeanor following the shooting death of his granddaughter was more about anti-gun advocating and pushing for the high capacity clips to be banned. Dallas Green seems to be focusing the blame in a ‘misplaced’ area and many find it strange he is not showing anger for Jared Lee Loughner for allegedly killing his granddaughter.

Some concerned citizens with investigative experience, pose questions about Grandfather, Dallas Green’s lack of emotions with the loss of his granddaughter and how his anti-gun statements sounded ‘well-placed’ for the political rhetoric that was already taking place. Once Sheriff Dupnik shot off his words of wisdom that day, all hell broke loose in the political arena.

Dallas & John Green both have deep ties to professional sports. The past has shown us that there is a ‘dark side’ to the sports industry, including a place for pedophiles to hide. Recent exposure of the Penn State University molestation scandal came-to-light when Gerald Arthur “Jerry” Sandusky, assistant football coach under Joe Paterno (1968-1999), was recently charged and convicted of child molestation of dozens of children dating back many years. Sandusky was indicted in 2011, and the trial was held at the Centre County Courthouse. He was found guilty at that hearing. Sandusky was then sentenced in October 2012, to at least 30 years in prison, which will essentially be a death sentence for him. At the sentencing, Sandusky naturally proclaimed his innocence to the court.

Penn State president, Graham Spanier, was also forced to resign due to allegations stating that he had covered up evidence of Sandusky molesting his victims on Penn State University property.



Interestingly enough, Graham Spanier has had a past of ‘less than transparent’ associations with alleged elitist pedophiles. Attorney and former Nebraska Senator, John W. DeCamp authored a book titled, The Franklin Cover-up – Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska, which was published in the 90’s. DeCamp uncovered a far more grotesque sinister plot when the Franklin Community Federal Credit Union located in Omaha, Nebraska was raided after $40 million went missing. The credit union was managed by Republican Party activist, Lawrence (Larry) King, who rose to fame and power with other political figureheads in Nebraska politics and business associates that led to the nation’s capital. Following the ‘shut-down’ and federal raid of the Omaha credit union, initially thought to be a financial swindle, soon revealed a hideous operation including drugs, Iran-Contra money laundering, ritual satanic murder, and a child abuse ring stretching across the country.

Despite the opposition from the FBI, local and state law enforcement, and the powerful Omaha World Herald, a special committee of the Nebraska Legislature began their own investigation into the shocking allegations. Just over a year and a half following the announcement of the investigation, the committee’s chief investigator died very suddenly and violently. In fact, according to DeCamp, over a dozen people have died that were linked to the case. In 1990, in the ‘DeCamp memo’ the names of some of the high-ranking abusers were named. VIPS of past Presidents, Ronald Reagan and George Bush have also been implicated in the Nebraska pedophile ring. This pedophile ring, according to many years of investigating by numerous investigators and journalists have said to run deep into the sports and entertainment industries, politics, the banking industry, and the insurance industry, as well as many other areas across the nation. The elites will kill and have killed people for many years if they get in their way- including witnesses, whistleblowers, victims, co-conspirators, and many more to keep this sick perverted elitist human trafficking and pedophile ring going for years to come for their own pedo-powerful pleasure.

According to The Franklin Cover-up – Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska, Chapter 13, The Washington Connection:

“In August 1990, Bush appointed Ronald Roskens of Nebraska, to head the Agency for International Development (AID). Roskens had been fired the previous year as chancellor of the University of Nebraska, where Larry King was a member of his “chancellor’s advisory committee.”

Gary Caradori’s daily notes for Feb. 19, 1989 record:

I was informed that Roskins [sic) was terminated by the state because of sexual activities reported to the Regents and verified by them. Mr. Roskins was reported to have had young men at his residence for sexual encounters. As part of the separation from the state, he had to move out of the state-owned house because of the liability to the state if some of this sexual behavior was “illegal.” Upon Roskins vacating the house, he was provided a house by Joe Seacrist [sic) of the Lincoln Journal-Star.

The leadership of AID is the kind of sensitive job — AID assignments have been used as a “cover” by CIA agents, for instance — for which appointees undergo a background check that would have to turn up what Caradori also heard. Nevertheless, George Bush appointed Roskens.”

Graham Spanier became the 16th chancellor of the University of Nebraska for three and one-half years before leaving for Penn State in 1995. His associations at the University of Nebraska and now Penn State does not necessarily mean there has been direct involvement by Spanier or even that he had direct knowledge of the extent of the Franklin cover-up, involving Larry King and other high officials of government.  Nor does it mean he had direct knowledge of the involvement of the former ‘fired’ chancellor of the University of Nebraska, Ronald Roskens. It does strongly suggest, however, that there have been some relationships many may consider ‘too close for comfort’ that Spanier has had with several so-called elitist individuals that do have connections to the Franklin Cover-up in Omaha, Nebraska and the Penn State University Sandusky pedophile bust.

According to the Morris Daily Times article titled, McQueary files damage suit against Penn State, “In particular, the lawsuit’s points the finger at former president Graham Spanier and former university administrators Tim Curley and Gary Schultz. He also alleges the university terminated him because of his cooperation with investigators and prosecutors in the Sandusky case.”  

Surprisingly, following Spanier’s employment fallout with Penn State University, the Washington Post published an article titled, Graham Spanier’s gig as a federal worker is a mystery, in which the article stated,

“Spanier was faulted in an internal Penn State report after the conviction on child-molestation charges of former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky. The report said he, head coach Joe Paterno and others helped cover up Sandusky’s abuse.

His lawyer confirms to the Loop that Spanier is working on a part-time consulting basis for a “top-secret” agency on national security issues. But the gig is so hush-hush, he couldn’t even tell his attorneys the name of the agency. In April — months after his ouster as president but before the release of the internal report — he told the Patriot-News of central Pennsylvania that he was working on a “special project for the U.S. government relating [to] national security.”

But who’s he working for? The CIA? Homeland Security? Or maybe just a dull consulting firm with a government contract?”

Note: I would like to mention that John DeCamp’s book is noted in the research world as possible truth mixed with disinformation. I do not know if this is the case, but the information is used as a reference to show the reader that there is a relation, which does give this particular information more credibility for future research. Whether DeCamp was involved in the actual cover-up may forever be debated, however, in this case, the puzzle pieces seem to fall in place with the current events.



An independent investigation was requested, retained, and commissioned by Penn State Board of Trustee members.  The investigation was conducted by former FBI Director, Louis Freeh, and his law firm, Freeh Sporkin & Sullivan, LLP. The ‘Freeh’ report concluded that Graham Spanier; Joe Paterno; athletic director, Tim Curley; and V.P, Gary Schultz, knew about the sexual molestation allegations on Sandusky as far back as 1998, and failed to disclose the information.

After the investigation, Freeh stated in a press release:

“In our investigation, we sought to clarify what occurred, including who knew what and when events happened, and to examine the university’s policies, procedures, compliance, and internal controls relating to identifying and reporting sexual abuse of children. Specifically, we worked to identify any failures or gaps in the University’s 3 control environment, compliance programs and culture which may have enabled these crimes against children to occur on the Penn State campus, and go undetected and unreported for at least these past 14 years. As you will read in our report, Penn State failed to implement the provisions of the Clery Act, a 1990 federal law that requires the collecting and reporting of the crimes such as Sandusky committed on campus in 2001. Indeed, on the day Sandusky was arrested, Penn State’s Clery Act implementation plan was still in draft form. Mr. Spanier said that he and the Board never even had a discussion about the Clery Act until November 2011.”

Sandusky started the charity organization called, The Second Mile Foundation in the 1970’s. It appears to be one avenue he used to exploit and molest his victims. The organization was founded to help ‘troubled’ young boys. Presently, an investigation continues into the Sandusky molestation scandal, as more witnesses are coming forward implicating booster members and others of higher statue.

In December of 2010, assistant coach, Mike McQueary, testified in court that he witnessed a naked boy being sexually abused by Sandusky in the showers. He claimed he told Joe Paterno, who informed Tim Curley and Gary Schultz, both of whom oversee the police department on campus. Sandusky was banned from bringing any boys from the organization to PSU in 2002, but was still allowed to operate the summer camp through Sandusky’s Associates Company. The ‘legendary’ coach, Joe Paterno, died following Sandusky’s trial from complications of lung cancer. He was 85 years old.

The current ongoing Pennsylvania State University (PSU) investigation also reveals that The Second Mile charity organization was founded in 1977, by Jerry Sandusky. Coincidentally, Dallas Green was the manager of the Philadelphia Phillies from 1979 to 1981. It is at this point that one could assume that Dallas Green also had close ties to Sandusky’s foundation, as well. Dallas Green worked directly for Ruly Carpenter, (the son of the Philadelphia Phillies’ previous owner) who has been listed as an ‘honorary’ board member of the Second Mile Foundation – the organization that pedophile Sandusky founded for many years.

The ‘Freeh’ investigation has been pegged as a ‘cover-up’ for a number of reasons by several bloggers across the Internet. The cover-up claims by Henry Makow state, “Freeh’s 267-page report is designed to divert attention from a pervasive Masonic culture of pedophilia. Confident of its power, the Illuminati have no intention of mending their ways. They have replaced offenders with accomplices.”

Louis Freeh’s report primarily focuses on Jerry Sandusky as if he were just the ‘lone’ pedophile. Wikipedia also uses the usual ‘lone’ statements designed to suggest Sandusky was a loner. “He was a leader on his junior high basketball team that went undefeated through the Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic League. His classmates have described him as a studious “loner” who “never dated in high school” but was a popular and handsome athlete.” is the description Wikipedia gives.

Many false flag events use similar wording, with the word “loner” to describe the patsies, shooters, attackers, pedophiles, bombers, etc. Although it is clear that Sandusky was a pedophile that stalked his victims through the ‘Second Mile’ organization, the report leaves one under the impression this entire orchestrated pedo-ring was the sole responsibility of Sandusky alone. It is doubtful that abuse of that magnitude could be orchestrated by just one individual with no one in the organization or around him knowing what was going on.

Louis Freeh’s report is also brought into question by many because it is widely known Freeh does not have a very good record of being very honest in past investigations – namely, the investigation into the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah building that took place in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 1995. During that period, Freeh served as the FBI director under Bill Clinton’s administration. As Charles R. Smith wrote in 2002, at, “FBI Director Louis Freeh oversaw the longest run of FBI public disasters in its entire history.” Other researchers, journalists and writers have commented during the Sandusky investigation, “Freeh has turned the FBI into a political joke.”

Freeh was in charge during many shady cases that involved cover-ups by the government, including Ruby Ridge, the Uni-bomber case, the Wen Ho Lee, Los Alamos files espionage case, the shoot-down of TWA Flight 800, and the Montana Freeman standoff. He was also in charge at the time 500 FBI files went missing. What is even more suspect about former FBI head, Freeh, is that he was also appointed as the FBI director in July of 1993. According to an article by Andrew Griffin from RedDirtReport titled, Will Freeh Bungle Penn State Child-Sex Abuse Investigation, too?, he wrote the following:

“this comes just one day before Vincent Foster’s body was found in Fort Marcy park? The Prior director, Williams Sessions, was ousted by Attorney General Janet Reno in the wake of the Waco disaster – a disaster Freeh would fail to fully investigate.”

Most compelling into Freeh’s doomed credibility is the failed investigation of the Oklahoma Bombing of 1995, which resulted in a cover-up of the false-flag operation. These discrepancies can be noted in the release of the documentary by Free Mind Films, A Noble Lie. According to the documentary and other credible sources, Freeh gathered up numerous videotapes after the Oklahoma bombing only for them to never be seen again.

In the same RedDirtReport article as stated above, “The FBI crime lab under Freeh was accused by an FBI Whistleblower that evidence in OKBOMB had been tainted. And Freeh punished him, sending a chilling message to other potential whistleblowers.” Obviously, after reviewing Freeh’s shady past of investigative skills, doubts have set in on whether Freeh’s investigation into the Penn State sex and pedophile cover-up will ever be revealed in its entirety. After reading the report, it is clear that Sandusky will be the ‘lone’ pedophile patsy and all other involved elitist sickos will go free.

According to The Second Mile’s website, the following either currently are or have been ‘honorary’ board members. This information in no way implies that Carpenter or any other board members knew what Sandusky was doing with his ‘Second Mile’ victims. One does have to wonder who on the list knew about Sandusky’s pedophile operation and who may be involved. Time and perhaps more independent investigations will eventually shed light on other pedophiles behind the cover of The Second Mile.

Freeh’s report also fails to give even a suggestion that The Second Mile Foundation should be terminated or shut down, in light of the allegations from more than one witness coming forward claiming sexual abuse. The Arrow Child and Families Ministries have recently petitioned the courts to take the foundation over. 


Ed Chiarini from Wellaware1, an independent researcher, claims(ed) that Roxanna Green is actually Cynthia Butierez, a police detective in the Tucson Police Department and an operator of ‘Coplink’ software program funded by  Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Photo-snip: KOLD News; Coplink)

Although I personally found no direct connection to them being the same person, I have to wonder if the comparison of the two individuals was just a plant to divert the attention on to the inside psyop that involves the entertainment cyberwar. 

Ed Chiarini also claims that Dallas Green is really a member of the Greenberg family. No sound connection can be made of this accusation thus far and no evidence has yet to be brought forth to guarantee the connection. In my opinion, George Dallas Green is really George Dallas Green. History has a lot to say about Dallas Green and several pictures of his career in professional baseball along with the provable legal documents found in Pima County coincide with his true existence as George Dallas Green.

An anonymous researcher, who does not want to be named, met Roxanna Green in person at a book signing in Tucson. He described her as “absolutely beautiful.” Are they the same person? I can verify that court documents appear in the Pima County system under both names, which would indicate that they are separate people. Tax documents in both names have also been found for both women.

Adding to the information that supports Roxanna Green is indeed who she says she is, Roxanna Green is also shown in the picture below driving the same car seen in the garage of Dallas Green’s home when investigators went to confront him about the funeral fabrications.


What is even more surprising to me is how the ‘Elites’ own the baseball teams and the amount of corruption that dwells deep in this industry throughout past years. One immediate suspicious inquiry into professional baseball in this case is a direct connection to John Green, the Los Angeles Dodgers, Phillies, News Corp, Fox Entertainment Group, and Rupert Murdoch. Formerly, Rupert Murdoch was the owner of the LA Dodgers. He also has a media empire aka the Murdoch Empire. One of the Murdoch news outlets, considered the best selling newspaper in Great Brittain, was recently involved in another phone-tapping scandal involving employees who hacked into the account of a 13-year-old girl, named Milly Dowler, who was kidnapped and killed in 2003.

According to an article written by titled, Murdoch/UK in Turmoil, “News of the World would have been guilty of canceling the messages left by friends and relatives in pain.”

Rebekah Brooks, a former chief executive of News International, was arrested in relation to the case.  But, in the end Rupert Murdoch and the ‘crew’ got off by just paying a $4 million dollar fine and apologizing to the family for involvement in the case. It still is unclear why the employees would cancel messages in the first place.



In 2004, Frank McCourt paid $430 million to acquire the LA Dodgers from the Fox division of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. In 2012, the LA Dodgers were buried in debt and McCourt sold the LA Dodgers as allowed by the bankruptcy court, to a group known as Guggenheim Partners. Top executives of the group are Mark Walter and ex-basketball player Magic Johnson.

In 2010, it was revealed that the Los Angeles Dodger’s charitable foundation, known as the ‘Dream Foundation’ was involved in a scandal. According to released tax returns, the CEO of the foundation, Howard Sunkin, who was a personal friend and associate to McCourt – personally received over half of the charity’s budget, at a whopping $400,000 salary.  Upon exposure of the scandal, the money was ordered to be paid back by a court.  But, because Sunkin and McCourt were close associates and McCourt was awarded $100,000, a few eyebrows have been raised.

The LA Dodgers have raised money on behalf of the Christina-Taylor Green Memorial Foundation. Some of the board members of the Dream Foundation are: Dr. David Feinberg of UCLA, Joely Fisher of Hollywood, Stan Fishman of Marketing Innovations, Inc, Howard Phanstiel of Pacificare Health, Priscilla Presley of CKX, Andrew Puzder of CKE Restaurants, Angie Redding of Nexxus, David Steffy of Mountain Pacific, Eileen Sweeney of Philanthropic Relations Motorola, Clay Timon of Landor, and Diane Warren of Realsongs.


There is no doubt that the Tucson Police Dept  is less than forthcoming on evidence in the case. It may not even be inappropriate to say that these operations do use actors in disaster drills or even PSYOPS. A type of ‘crisis actor’ hired by a company or firm is what many independent researchers believe to be involved in these deep state events. They are hired to perform these drills and play acting roles. No evidence has been found or even brought forth from other independent investigators suggesting they are the same woman. At this time, the evidence still stands that Roxanna Green and Cynthia Butierez are not the same person. Yes, they have similar features but consider that the cyber war includes so-called investigators that purposely place disinformation out to the public to ensure the leads become dead-ends to continue the PSYOP. This part of the PSYOP could actually be a way to test new facial recognition software, while being paid to pull off a treasonous and deceptive operation upon the nation (Photo(s):  Christina-Taylor Green (left); Roxanna Green (right).

Just a year after the shooting, Roxanna Green has been quite the role model for America’s military movement. In fact, just recently, NAVY Secretary, Ray Mabus announced the construction of the Littoral Combat (LCS) warship, the USS Gabrielle Giffords. This ship is a LCS-2 class series warship proposed by General Dynamics and Australian-based ship builder, Austal USA. In a shocking move by the Navy, Roxanna Green has been named the ship’s ‘sponsor’ of the USS Giffords. According to an article by freelance writer, Bryan Mitchell, who has been tracking the agenda taking place after this shooting, “a ‘sponsor’ of a Navy ship means, her spirit and presence guide the ship throughout its service and life.” Mitchell continues, saying investigative journalists who have taken interest in the Congress on your Corner Massacre have commented, “how on earth has Christina-Taylor Green’s mother, Roxanna Green, become this ships sponsor?” Mabus had this to say, “Giffords and the ships sponsor, Roxanna Green, are sources of great inspiration and represent the Navy and Marine Corps qualities of overcoming, adapting, and coming out victorious despite great challenges.”

Things don’t add up to me, and it was hushed up by even the alternative and patriotic talk shows. Nobody wanted to talk about this odd move by the Navy. It sparked some political debates across AP as well as mainstream, but in the end – silence in the areas that should have carried the story.


Greg Segalini is the brother of Roxanna Segalini-Green and uncle of Christina-Taylor Green. He appeared in the spotlight a few times after the shooting. Greg’s background check revealed that he lists his mother’s address as his current address. Yolanda Segalini is the mother of both Greg and Roxanna. .

Greg Segalini, Christina Green’s uncle, told the Arizona Republic, following the shooting that a neighbor was going to the Giffords constituent event and invited his niece along because she had just been elected to the student council and was interested in government. “The next thing you know this happened. How do you prepare for something like this? My little niece got killed – took one on the chest and she is dead,” Segalini said outside the girl’s house. “She was real special and real sweet.” (Photo, Facebook 2011)

So, who is Greg Segalini? Some researchers believe he is an actor, played by David Weiss, who Ed Chiarini believes is Dr. Lemole, Gifford’s head trauma surgeon. Is he? I do not know. My research has found that Greg Segalini can be found in court documents dating back to 1970. It appears he had some brushes with the law a few times for petty offenses, mostly as a teenager. The address attached to his background check and phone number is listed to Yolanda Segalini, Roxanna Green’s mother. Greg is a graduate from Canyon Del Oro High School.


Some people question whether Christina is really dead or was she imaginatively ‘made-up’ for the purpose of creating a foundation and non-profits to raise and launder money for the Greens. I don’t think so, remember Christina’s pictures were found in the school library year books.

One retired elderly investigative journalist, who would like to remain anonymous, wondered and expressed if Daddy and/or Granddaddy Green owed any gambling debts and agreed to participate in this event in exchange for a clear slate. Speculating of course, they would play along with the staged ‘play’ while, encouraging the gun-grab and medical establishment agenda. Maybe Christina is really down in South America, going to boarding school somewhere. We may never know what really happened. Did Dallas know Loughner before the shooting on January 8th, 2011? Was Dallas Green involved in this operation? Was Christina really his granddaughter? Was Christina kidnapped by social services and placed with the Green? I pose this question because Susan Hileman, who spent her career in social services brought the child to the event that day. Time will tell… or will it?

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