Chapter 10: 9/11 Sweeps into Tucson: When There is Tragedy, There is always Hope


It was such a sad funeral, or was it? Can someone please tell me where Christina-Taylor Green is buried? She does not appear to be buried in Tucson after I was sent on a wild goose chase through the evil dominion chasing down leads that never existed in the first place. Yes, that’s right, the corporate media played on the emotions of Christina-Taylor Green’s death by parading around a faked burial on television only to find out later by her alleged father that she was not buried at all.  John Green was confronted in Tucson by another independent researcher over her so-called funeral and admitted, on tape, that she was not really buried at all;  that she had actually been cremated. This does not make sense either, as you will see the lies continue to grow bigger in Tucson following the shooting. (Picture, AP Press, CTG Memorial Mass).

One conflicting story confronted in Tucson was the burial of Christina-Taylor Green. In numerous articles across America, it was reported that Christina was buried in the South Lawn Memorial Cemetery in Tucson, AZ. As we combed through cemetery after cemetery in Tucson to try to find her, I found myself, along with many other investigative journalists, being sent on a wild-goose chase by the Catholic Church that Christina attended, Bring’s Memorial Funeral Home, and by the media – only to find out that she is NOT buried in any cemetery in Tucson! In fact, she was not buried at all. It was a total lie put out to the public to purchase from the beginning. Why is it that the lie had to begin anyway? Why didn’t they just tell the American people that she was cremated in the first place? Why did they fabricate the story about the burial? What other lies have surfaced? More questions were raised during the investigation as to what happened to Christina-Taylor Green. Following the confrontation and then the NY Times lame damage control attempt to try to discredit my findings, the post on ‘FindAGrave’ was changed to say she was cremated. No burial lot number was ever given. (, 2011). 

It should be pointed out that Bring’s Funeral Home has caught in several deceitful lies regarding the burial of Christina. One investigative researcher in Tucson spoke to a worker at the Bring’s Memorial Home just prior to my arrival in Tucson. He was told two different stories by two different workers. One worker said Christina was cremated and not buried. Another claimed her body was shipped out to Pennsylvania. After the wild goose chase of tracking down a faked burial service, I returned to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church to find out what they had to say about this!

They continued to insist she was buried somewhere and that they didn’t know anything about it. ‘Theresa’ the woman that we spoke to claimed, “the maintenance man in the cemetery told them that there was someone poking around and trying to get information about Christina-Taylor Green and it was kinda shady.” I had to chuckle under my breath because we just spoke to this maintenance man in the cemetery where allegedly Judge John Roll’s burial service took place! When one of the researchers told Theresa that Bring’s Memorial Service had told him that Christina was cremated, she replied, “to me – that makes sense.” Theresa continued, “Some people, children anyway, are not necessarily born here.” She would not elaborate but I speculated that she meant that Christina’s body was probably shipped to PA, where she was born. There is no evidence to support this so, just my speculation.

While investigating at Bring’s Funeral Home, I asked for a copy of the obituary of Christina Green. An administrator by the name of ‘Pat’ told me directly they did not write the obituary – the family did. She also said they could not give me a copy.  However, later I called under a disguised name, and spoke to another worker who admitted file copies of obituaries are indeed, available for individuals to obtain. For some reason, Christina Green’s file copy was not allowed to be released, at least by Pat. The question remains – why can we get copies of other obituaries that Bring’s Memorial has recently provided arrangements for, but not copies of the obituary for Christina-Taylor Green?

Another big discrepancy surfaced when Pat from Bring’s Funeral Home claimed they did not do ‘any services’ for the deceased child and she had NOT been cremated there. So who is lying? John Green? Bring’s Funeral Home? All of them? Why? We can only wonder at this point. The answer is obviously, because ‘they’ did not get their stories straight before they participated in these alleged lies. Bring’s Funeral Home was unexpectedly and swiftly sold to Foundation Partner Group out of Tampa, FL right after we began our investigation and quest for the truth. 


Christina-  Taylor Green’s autopsy report has raised many questions. Dr. Eric Peters is the Medical Examiner who performed the autopsy on all the dead victims of the shooting.

Christina- Taylor Green, Autopsy Report ML 11-00069, Pima County, Arizona; Pima County Sheriff’s Office, Case #110108078, Jan 10th, 2011; 8:40am.

All the autopsies of the victims, including Christina’s were identified by either the Pima County Sheriff’s Department or University Medical Center Personnel. Christina’s body is identified by University Medical Center Personnel. According to the autopsy reports, no family members of any of the victims identified any of the bodies.

External examination reveals that Christina was light skinned, well-developed, thin, 4’11, 100 lbs, however, according to several medical online sources, Christina was approximately thirty-five pounds over the average weight.

Clothing/Belongings- Christina is still wearing her yellow metal earrings with blue stones at the time of the autopsy. It seems odd that her earrings were not removed by medical staff before attempting to provide major medical life-saving techniques on her. Susan Hileman, the CPS worker and friend of the family that took Christina to the event that day, claims in her blog that she has a matching set of earrings just like the ones Christina wore.

 According to a report by ABC News on Jan. 16, some of Christina’s organs were donated to save a Boston girl.  Christina’s Corneas were harvested, as well as tissue from her knees.  John Green told the Globe, the news that his daughter’s organs were able to save the life of another child ‘really lifted’ his spirits, and that he and her mother, (Roxanna Green) “are proud of Christina, who has done another amazing thing.”

Only few days after his comment to the Globe, the Daily Mail Online reported that John Green told the press her corneas were also donated to two young patients to enable them to see again. Green said, “The fact that her organs were able to help people- that was an amazing thing to me. It’s just another thing that this little girl has given the world, he added. More organs have been donated too.”

New England Organ Bank is an accredited member of the Association of Organ Procurement Organizations (AOPO). According to New England’s Organ Bank’s website, “Unlike organ donation, patients do not need to be maintained on a ventilator in order for donation to occur. The tissues that can be recovered after death are bone, tendons, heart valves, skin, corneas, and blood vessels.” A spokesperson from the New England Organ Bank told the Globe, they were “unable to comment on the donations.”  This begs the question: is it standard procedure to remove organs while there is a homicide investigation underway?

The report appears to be incomplete, as it excludes the toxicology report, unlike most other autopsy reports. The autopsy is missing the crime scene information that is in all of the other victims’ reports. This could be a reasonable suspicious item to consider, but many may dismiss it because she allegedly did not die at the scene, as the other victims did.

PATHOLOGIC DIAGNOSES – The official pathological diagnosis reads, “Gunshot wound to torso with perforations of aorta, right kidney, stomach, small intestine, and left hemi diaphragm.”

CIRCUMSTANCES OF THE EXAMINATION – According to the report, the circumstances of the examination are: “The postmortem examination of Christina-Taylor Green is performed at the Forensics Science Center, 2825 E. District Street, Tucson, AZ on Jan 10, 2011, commencing at 8:40 am. Assisting in examination are Krystal Poulin, Louie Goad, Ernest Hernandez. The body is received in unsealed white vinyl pouch.”

THERAPEUTIC PROCEDURES“Surgical incisions closed by surgical string are at both knee regions (Comment: status post bone and soft tissue harvest). A chest tube exists the right lateral torso through a 1 7/8 inch long incision. Beneath the left nipple is a thoracotomy incision, 8 inches, closed by suture material. Multiple therapeutic punctures are at the groins and at the clavicular regions. Internally, a catheter secured by a single suture enters the right atrium.”

INJURIES, EXTERNAL, and INTERNAL – Injuries reported: “There is a single perforated gunshot wound to the torso. A gunshot entrance wound is at the right flank, 20 inches from the top of the head and 4 ¼ inches right of the posterior midline. It is 1/4 inch circular perforation with a 1/32 – 1/16 inch red rim of abrasion. There is no fouling or stippling. After penetrating the skin and soft tissues of the right flank, the bullet entered the abdomen perforating the mid-portion of the right kidney. The bullet then passed upward and leftward to perforate the aorta just superior to the take-off of the renal arteries, a small intestinal loop, the posterior aspect of the stomach (two defects, and the left hemi diaphragm before exiting the left lateral chest cavity through the seventh intercostal space. There is slight amount of left lingual hemorrhage without perforation. There is approximately 500-1000ml of blood in the abdominal cavity. The bullet exited the left chest through a ½-inch slit-like defect, 17-1/2 inches from the top of the head and 5 inches of the interior midline. The exit wound is surrounded by a 2-1/2 x 2-1/2 inch purple contusion. There is no fouling or stippling.

No bullet is recovered.”


Some researchers believe that Christina Green could be an actor that may have been involved in the shooting. Ed Chiarini from WellAware1, claimed that Christina could be possibly Caitlen Parker from Tucson.  He has also suggested she may be Maurice Greenberg’s granddaughter, Samantha Sexton. These accusations are preposterous since I found proof Christina was real after searching the school’s library yearbooks. 

WorldNetDaily (WND) was the first to report about Caitlin Parker, who allegedly went to high school and college with Loughner, the convicted shooter.  Parker also claimed she was in a band with the gunman. WND included a tweet from Parker in their report that read, “In her Twitter postings, Parker wrote of Loughner, “As I knew him he was left wing, quite liberal and oddly obsessed with the 2012 prophecy.” She also described him as “more left.”

Some researchers on blogs and investigative forums claim the photo the media released of the little girl is an “age progression photo”.  This is sometimes used to give a somewhat accurate view of what a young child may look like when a few years have passed.  Others have also claimed the picture has color added to the lips eyes and cheeks.  Could someone have taken the fake 9/11 baby photo and used age progression software to come up with this girl?

Could she really be made up propaganda or even a kidnapped baby? Arizona, particularly Pineal and Maricopa Counties, have been called the ‘child kidnapping capital of the world’ for a secret operating pedophilia ring. Some also say the Little League photos released appears to be a girl older than 9 years-old and could very well coincide with her height and weight difference in her autopsy. Is she a victim of a made up CIA-created family? Maybe she is just a girl that was really born to Roxanna and John Green. Could Christina be a fabricated lie and her Social Security, birth and death certificates be just staged documents, as well as pictures from the school? 

What about the big showcase where President Barrack Obama swept into Tucson and set-up a grand memorial to honor the 9/11 girl and deliver his propaganda speech to the Nation?  Understandably, she was allegedly born on 9/11,  but to make such an honor and event out of a tragedy and literally bring 9/11 worship and the ‘remembrance flag’ to Tucson by the President of the United States seems like a pre-planned agenda and propaganda. Many  critical thinking researchers felt it was a little overdone to say the least.

Some people have questioned the T-shirts that Obama had readily available for the memorial. The question was brought up when a citizen called into a radio show, The Power Hour with Joyce Riley, on the GCN Live Network.  The caller stated he was a manager of a giant t-shirt company and he did not understand how Obama could have possibly received the T-shirts so fast following the shooting. This posed the question to the listeners… were the T-shirts pre-ordered prior to the shooting?

A local Tucson researcher, who, at this time would like to remain anonymous, dove into finding the answer and found out that the T-shirts were ordered through a company called Youth Monument Clothing out of California. He spoke to a man named Kyle from the company.  The researcher was told the T-shirts were ordered from their warehouse in Phoenix. This warehouse allegedly had over 4,000 ‘blanks’ on hand. The T-shirts were then sent to the U of A for printing. This was all done within a 3-4 day period before the memorial on the Wednesday, following the shooting.

While in Tucson, I went to the McKale auditorium where the memorial was held, and asked my own questions about the T-shirts. I sent two local researchers to the President’s office at the U of A to purchase a spare T-shirt. They were greeted with a not-so-pleasant response. The researchers were treated as suspects when they asked about the T-shirts. They were told the only T-shirts left were reserved for the families of the victims. I found it strange that they were treated with such suspicion and then rushed out of the building.

I also found it strange that the family members had still not received their T-shirts, nearly two months after the shooting.  The rhetorical corporate media played the fake funeral with non-stop coverage for weeks after.  According to the mainstream and AP press articles, a glorified mass and funeral was held for Christina.

So, do you think together, we can thrive?

As my investigation into the Loughner case began to unfold in the opposite direction than what the citizens were told, more evidence surfaced exposing even more lies. In fact, the evidence surfacing in this case makes one wonder why the newspapers in her hometown of Tucson were going with the flow of information, rather than questioning the evidence or the conflicting stories coming out of this case.  Are they all part of the cover-up?

The major media packed themselves into the Four Points Hotel in Tucson to give non-stop coverage of the shooting. During the investigation, I received confirmation from employees who worked at the hotel, that the media did, in-fact, stay there during the coverage of the shooting. This testimony verifies that the live media shots were filmed on location. 

That does not, however, confirm that all of the interviews with the witnesses were filmed at the same time. I cannot help but question the PSYOP operation of the mainstream media on the day of the shooting. CNN was first on the scene, as with many other false flag operations in the past.   CIA admitted journalist, Anderson Cooper interviewed Emma McMahon, and…  well, as you have heard already, she forgot to mention her mom on the 911 call.  Anderson… why did you not ask Emma how she forgot to mention her mom?

While in Tucson, I visited the funeral home, the churches, and the cemeteries to ask questions and try to understand what really happened in Tucson on January 8, 2011, where 9-year old Christina-Taylor Green, Judge John Roll, and four others were killed. Mostly because the story was so full of propaganda, I wanted to see Christina’s resting place for myself. I dove into undercover investigative work in Tucson to try to piece together the missing information and bring the citizens of America the truth – tragedy or PSYOP?  


The Funeral of Christina-Taylor Green

The funeral and burial was paraded around in the media, like a soap opera drama. Even biker groups showed up to protect her burial from political rhetoric.  Bomb dogs were deployed to make sure everything was safe and sound…  it made me wonder if they even knew she was not in the casket…

In an article by AZ Star, New Melleray Abbey, in Peosta, Iowa, blessed a tree and handcrafted a coffin specifically for Christina-Taylor Green’s memorial and ‘burial’. The article claims that she was buried on Jan 13th, in Tucson. Of course, most of these articles are being or have been deleted out of Google as fast as they were published to cover any tracks. Why would she need a coffin if she was not going to be buried? Some people still have a coffin even when they are not going to be buried. One can only speculate as to why they just didn’t tell the public the truth about her burial in the first place instead of claiming she was buried in South Lawn Memorial. Didn’t they think anyone would check to see if she was there? Notice in the photo that depicts the Pail Bearers pushing the casket. On the bottom, another three x’s are found. Three times is a charm?

Finally, when I became exhausted by the wild goose chase through the burial story dominion, I recruited another researcher and went to John Green’s home to find out where Christina was buried. As I combed the neighborhood for more clues, Green confirmed to an independent researcher that Christina was not buried at all and had been cremated instead. He stated to this researcher, “hopefully, someday, we will find her a resting place.”  Huh? Hopefully someday? As many donations that flowed through this tragedy, they have not found a resting place? Remember, Bring’s Funeral Home claims they did not perform a cremation.  (Photo: AP Press, 2011).

The researcher that spoke to John Green directly claimed that John Green acted as if he was guarding the front door so that the researcher could not look in and Green was holding a drink of some sort. The researcher also confirmed that the man that answered the door and spoke to him looked exactly like the John Green that had been presented to the public.

The only problem was that it appeared he was informed ahead of time, and perhaps was waiting for someone to come by and ask him where Christina was buried. Was there an effort to alert all the other alleged players to be on the look-out for investigative journalists that come knocking? One could only speculate. What we can verify is that there were dead memorial flowers in the driveway garbage, and there was no sign of Roxanna Green on the day of the visit.  

Bishop Gerald Kicanas

Rev. Gerald F. Kicanas, Bishop of Tucson, was born in Chicago and ordained as priest for the Archdiocese of Chicago in 1967. He was then appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago in 1995. Bishop Kicanas was appointed the coadjutor Bishop of Tucson after 9/11/2001. by Pope John Paul II following the retirement of Bishop of Manuel D. Moreno. He then became the 6th Bishop of Tucson in March 2003.

He is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Catholic Relief Services and is on the administrative board of the Committee of Budget and Finance of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. He currently is Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Center of Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA).

According to the Diocese Tucson Organization website, he has served on many other boards and committees including:

“Bishop Kicanas is a former vice president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. He has served as Secretary of the Conference and as chair of the Communications Committee, the Diaconate Committee, and the Subcommittee for Lay Ecclesial Ministry. He has served as a member of the Conference’s Communications, Migration, Laity, Liturgy, Priestly Formation, and Doctrine  Committees. He has been a member of the Conference’s National Advisory Council. Bishop Kicanas was a member of the Board of Directors of the National Pastoral Life Center. He is a former member of the Catholic Legal Immigration Network. Bishop Kicanas was the recipient of the Cardinal Joseph Bernardin Award in 2008. He was the recipient of an honorary Doctorate in Humanities from Lewis University in 2010.”

With all the previous written information and honors written about Bishop Kicanas, one would assume a perfect Bishop in the in Tucson – but is that the case? Some dark secrets have been attached to Kicanas, including cover-ups of a corrupted Catholic Church and suppressed pedophile allegations.

It started when Bishop Kicanas replaced Tucson Bishop Manuel D. Moreno. According to a 2004 article written by the Tucson Weekly, titled, In a Deposition, former Tucson Bishop Manuel D. Moreno comes clean about allowing pedophile priests to take kids to Disneyland,

Moreno resigned last year after serving Southern Arizona for 21 years, a period during which Moreno settled 11 lawsuits alleging child molestation by Tucsonan priests for $14 million. During his tenure, Moreno also offered refuge to seminary classmates accused of sexual misconduct, like Patrick Ziemann (former bishop of Santa Rosa, Calif., who resigned in 1999 after accusations arose that he kept a priest as his personal sex toy) and Robert Trupia (nicknamed “Chicken Hawk” by his fellow priests). At the time of Moreno’s resignation, 17 more sex-abuse lawsuits awaited Tucson-area parishioners, inching the current Tucson Catholic hierarchy toward the once-unimaginable brink of bankruptcy.”

Then in November 2010, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) was holding elections for the organization’s President. Bishop Kicanas was in the running for the position and received some criticism from press for his alleged role in covering up for convicted pedophile, Daniel McCormack. According to an article written by Spero News titled, Why Bishop Kicanas’ Election at USCCB Matters, states:

“Bishop Gerald Kicanas is not happy with the article that appeared recently in the National Catholic Register questioning his actions as seminary rector of Mundelein in Chicago where he approved the ordination of future serial sex abuser Daniel McCormack despite knowing he had three homosexual encounters in college including one with a minor. Since the bishop is up for election as head of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) this week, he is obviously in damage control mode which begins with saying he was misquoted in the November 2007 Sun Times article. Here’s the quote in question:

It would have been grossly unfair not to have ordained [Daniel McCormack]. There was a sense that his activity was part of the developmental process and that he had learned from the experience. I was more concerned about his drinking. We sent him to counseling for that. I don’t think there was anything I could have done differently.

The bishop took no action to correct what he now calls, three years later, an inaccurate, out-of-context quote. It’s hard to imagine a context that would make the statement more acceptable. Considering that the quote also came up in a deposition with Cardinal George over McCormack’s abuse, correcting it would seem to have been imperative.”

Bishop Kicanas claimed that he was misquoted in the press. Then, in another article from, titled, Catholic Conservatives vs. Bishop Kicanas, he stated,

“I would never defend endorsing McCormack’s ordination if I had had any knowledge or concern that he might be a danger to anyone, and I had no such knowledge or concern. At no time while McCormack was a seminarian at Mundelein did I receive any allegation of pedophilia or child molestation against him. I never received any allegation, report or concern about McCormack during his seminary years at Mundelein that involved sexual abuse of anyone.”

Sounds like the same ‘round-about’ denial that Graham Spanier claimed about not having any acknowledgment of Sandusky’s pedophile crimes. It seems there is always a cover-up when it comes to investigating the long-standing pedophile rings across the nation. Was Bishop Kicanas’ knowledge of sexual misconduct and pedophilia just another example of crimes that go uninvestigated by the so-called crime fighters?

In another article written by, titled, JoePa takes the fall, this was said:

Sandusky’s treatment by superiors at PSU and the law enforcement community in Pennsylvania is little different from that received by Catholic priests in this and other countries. This familiar pattern of non-investigation — amounting to shielding and protection — would later scandalize the Roman Catholic Church.

Pedophile priests for years would simply be told to go to a different town and parish.

“Just don’t do I here,” became the bottom line. Like it or not, culturally and socially, for decades, this is how pedophile cases curiously have been handled by church and state authority figures alike, here and abroad.

This happened with Jerry Sandusky. Complaints from victims and their families would be given lip service by school officials, charity overseers, and law enforcement — including Attorney General Tom Corbett. Any complaints filed, and any supposed investigations, would be allowed to languish in the dark for years. And Sandusky would remain free to carry on.

Jerry Sandusky would simply be told, again and again: Don’t do it here. Don’t do it in the shower room. Don’t do it at Penn State.

The current pope, Benedict XVI, was himself notably engulfed in very similar church pedophile cover-up scandals. Before he became pope, as a cardinal, Benedict took referrals and complaints of pedophilia from his subordinate church officials. These referrals simply and clearly were not acted upon in a timely, responsible fashion, or any fashion at all.

It comes down to a matter of priorities. Protecting an entrenched institution, its reputation and that of its members — and protecting its God Almighty cash flow — become more important than protecting children.

“The abuse cases of two priests in Arizona have cast further doubt on the Catholic church’s insistence that Pope Benedict XVI played no role in shielding pedophiles before he became pope,” the Associated Press, for example, found in April 2010.

“Documents reviewed by The Associated Press show that as a Vatican cardinal, the future pope took over the abuse case of the Rev. Michael Teta of Tucson, Ariz., then let it languish at the Vatican for years despite repeated pleas from the bishop for the man to be removed from the priesthood.

“In another Tucson case, that of Msgr. Robert Trupia, the bishop wrote to then-Cardinal Ratzinger, who would become pope in 2005. Bishop Manuel Moreno called Trupia ‘a major risk factor to the children, adolescents and adults that he many have contact with.’ There is no indication in the case files that Cardinal Ratzinger even responded.

“The details of the two cases come as other allegations emerge that Benedict as a Vatican cardinal was part of a culture of cover-up and confidentiality.”

And so it was with Pennsylvania Attorney General Corbett’s shielding and protecting former assistant Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky, Penn State, and the formerly well-respected Second Mile charity.”

9/11 and Obama’s Saving Grace “Little Christ” Saint Christina!

Americans have had the whole year of ‘2011’ to re-live 9/11 in every aspect of our lives.  Including the 9/11 memorial for the shooting death of 9/11 baby, Christina Green, and the passing of the 10th Anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

It smelled like agenda rolling through the air and a pre-planned media/marketing campaign kicked off in 2011 with the Jared Lee Loughner shooting rampage, to some critical thinkers. What does the Gabrielle Giffords event and 9/11 have in common? Terrorism, lies, and agenda. It’s plain and simple, we must have it drilled into our heads to worship 9/11 and never question the truth. We must be led to the sheeple slaughterhouse believing what the powers-to-be officially declared about the 9/11 terror attacks. We must be reminded on a constant basis what we are supposed to be afraid of. Constant Mainstream Media fear porn says the boogieman is coming and we must be afraid! At least that is what they want us to believe and as you can see in the pictures, police officers, EMT workers, and fellow citizens are being indoctrinated to rejoice in the replay of 9/11 over and over again. The territorial marking was confirmed when the 9/11 ‘flag of remembrance’ was brought to Tucson.  9/11 beams from the World Trade Center were transformed into artwork, and a 9/11 memorial was replayed. A PSYOP of a grand magnitude 10 years after the Twin Tower attacks to remind the American Citizen that the day of submissiveness had arrived.

President Obama took it upon himself to exploit the terror attacks and mentally beat it into the heads of all Americans that 9/11 must never be forgotten. Just a few weeks after the shooting, I published a pre-investigative mindset report on the Christina Green shooting right away.  It was then that I discovered Obama had an agenda prior to the shooting. Could this event have been pre-meditated?

While in Tucson, I wanted to visit the McKale Stadium myself to get the true feeling of the memorial that Obama set up for the citizens. Once inside, I felt the creepiness of the whole event. Did Obama need an event, similar to the Oklahoma City bombing, where he could be the Savior and try to boost his failing ratings, just as Bill Clinton allegedly did?

It was true –  Obama had lost a majority of his ratings since he took office. Mark Penn said in an interview on Hardball, “Obama needs another Oklahoma City bombing in order to reconnect to the people. Clinton reconnected with the people after the Oklahoma bombing and so Obama needs a similar incident to reconnect if he finds that right moment.”

Obama appeared to have used this crisis as a way to exploit the alleged murder of 9-year old Christina-Taylor Green- to play on the emotions of the people over 9/11 because the precious girl was born on the very day the Nation was attacked. Obama turned the memorial service into a political rally and was ‘accused’ by many citizens across Internet social forums, of exploiting the memorial to boost his ratings. (Photo, 9/11 attacks on Trade Center Towers, ABC News, 2001).

An investigator by the name of Linda Jordan, was a guest on the Power Hour w/ Joyce Riley, GCN Network, in the latter part of 2011. Her research had led her to dig into the alleged fraud that took place with President Barrack Obama. It appeaed there was a growing unrest in the country and people were asking more questions. She believed, at that time there was a ‘communist’ in the White House who had performed ‘magic’ to get through the gates. After running an E-Verify search on Barrack Obama’s social security number, not surprisingly, it came back as flagged.

This might tie into the already exposed fraud of Obama’s birth certificate. Could the President of the United States, Barrack Obama have pulled off the biggest fraudulent heist in history fooling the American people into believing he is someone he is not? According to the ObamaFile website, a Scribd document from Christ Strunk, insinuates that Barrack H. Obama’s real name is Saebarkah Soetoro.

“Most importantly, anti-American feeling has reached a feverish pitch under the direction of the Indonesian communist party, and I have been advised by both family and friends in Indonesia that it would be dangerous to endeavor to return with my wife at the present time. Of secondary importance is the fact that my wife does not yet speak Indonesian. Not only would she be forced to cut short her college education, but she would be left in a position of isolation in the community.”

It appears from the cross comparison on both the Customs and DOS FOIA released documents that on October 20, 1971 Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro (SADS) and BHO (a.k.a Saebarkah Soetoro) together boarded Pan Am Airlines Flight 812 unaccompanied by Lolo M. Soetoro in Djakarta Indonesia and arrived in Honolulu Hawaii on October 21, 1971 and sought entry into the USA on an expired Passport issued July 19, 1965 according to the DS 1423 Form for REQUEST BY UNITED STATES NATIONAL FOR AND REPORT OF EXCEPTION TO SECTION 53.1, TITLE 22 OF THE CODE OF FEDERAL REGULATIONS with use of the expired Passport of July 19, 1965 shown as page 6 of

It is important to discover whether or not based upon SADS’ August 13, 1968 Passport Renewal Application to DOS shown as page 3 and 4 of SADS excluded Saebarkah Soetoro (BHO)from her Passport of July 19, 1965; and therefore, left no way for BHO who is presumed to also have the right to an Indonesian Passport under Lolo Soetoro to reenter the USA with SADS except by use of the expired July 19 1965 passport.

That Declarant among other items of interest in the analysis presented by Dr. Corsi in his worldnetdaily Article (WND) takes issue with the insinuation that the 1965 edition of SADS passport was only good for 3 years when in fact it was to expire July 18, 1970 according to the actual reference by the US Government shown in the upper right corner of the application located at page 3; however in August 13 1968 SADS made an early application to renew the 1965 to remove BHO (a.k.a. Saebarkah Soetoro) from her own passport.

At that time, Lolo Soetoro was in a difficult effort with the State Department and US Customs and Immigration to obtain reentry into the USA and needed to reflect Saebarkah Soetoro (BHO) as an Indonesian for his own safety.  That Saebarkah Soetoro (BHO) according to his own writing in 1971 would re-enter back into the USA to live with his Grandma Madelyn Dunham.

Except for the fact that the Exception request for use of the expired July 19, 1965 passport without use of an American passport as Saebarkah Soetoro as an Indonesian citizen which he was also entitled to an Indonesian Passport made without being on SADS renewed Passport of August 13 1968 made it easier for Saebarkah Soetoro / BHO to travel and obtain a renewed Indonesian Passport, rather than a British or even Kenyan passport that would be more difficult to explain or obtain to the Indonesian Government (having a USA passport there in Indonesian would dangerously expose Lolo Soetoro to government scrutiny since BHO was born in Kenya not the USA was adopted by Lolo Soetoro as a Indonesian citizen).

Thereafter 1971, Saebarkah Soetoro living in the USA went to the Indonesian Embassy in Hawaii to obtain or renew the Indonesian passport as part of his college funding program and that in 1981 through 1984 was then used while attending Columbia University to enter Indonesia, Pakistan and Afghanistan while working for Zbigniew Brzezinski then of the Scholl of Foreign Affairs and the National Security Council with the Carter Administration and Reagan Administration transition.”

Is it fair to say that Zbigniew Brzezinski is the handler of Barrack H. Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, aka Saebarakah Soetoro? Please note that these names are not exhaustive. Many other researchers claim he has numerous aliases. Was that whole presidential scam a result of a CIA operation ran by corruption so deep that only the very few can see through it? Will they try to kill those that do know? This report has already gone out to many reporters, investigators, radio hosts, as well as unnamed persons to ensure it does not get lost in the mail. 

In a later section of the report, more information will be shed on this alleged CIA plot to take down America. Could Communism have crept its way into America? Twice now, a communist connection has been found in this case. Remember William Ayers, a terrorist in the 1960-70’s? Well, he got away with his terroristic acts and just so happens to be friends with Barrack Obama. He also has educational ties into foundations based out of Chicago that promote Communism in education. Remember, according to WND, money had filtered its way to Tucson, through these organizations, at the very school that Jared Lee Loughner attended.

Recently, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, from Maricopa County, AZ, which is right next door to Pima County, assigned his non-paid Posse to launch an investigation into President Obama’s eligibility to be on the election ballot, after he received over 200 requests from citizens and Tea Party members to investigate. The investigative ‘Cold Case Posse’ that was launched following these requests concluded that there is ‘probable cause’ that the document released by the White House as President Obama’s birth certificate is a ‘computer-generated’ forgery. One person of interest was identified. Arpaio recently sent a letter to the director of the U.S Selective Service System headquarters in Arlington, VA, and requested the agency to conduct an investigation of Obama’s selective service registration form from 1980, after the preliminary investigation findings determined it may be a forgery.

In another startling documentary produced by filmmaker, Joel Gilbert, titled, Dreams from My Real Father, allegations were made that Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, posed nude for communist poet and journalist, Frank Marshall Davis. WorldNetDaily posed the question of whether or not Obama’s real goal in writing his autobiography, Dreams from My Father, was to misdirect Americans away from Obama’s mysterious and disturbing background as well as a Marxist political foundation.

In a report by WorldNetDaily, titled, Was Communist Mentor intimate with Obama’s Mother, it states,

“These are questions filmmaker Joel Gilbert poses in the full-length documentary “Dreams from My Real Father,”which argues Frank Marshall Davis is the president’s biological father, not the Kenyan Barack Obama. Gilbert reports he has recently discovered racy photos in vintage fetish and bondage magazines of Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, that he believes were taken by Davis. The photos, he says, bolster his belief that Dunham had an intimate relationship with Davis”

Many other questions have surfaced in this case, as well. For instance, the 9/11 memorial erected at the James D. Kreigh Ball Park, where Christina played softball.  This was supposed to be erected to honor Christina Taylor Green, but ended up being a horrible disappointment. There is no indication this is a memorial for Christina.  There are no plaques or any other indication that would  lead anyone visiting, to believe that the beam was from the 9/11 towers.  It is just an erected angel with what appears to be a beam with some tools attached to it.

One would think that for such a memorial to honor the young deceased 9/11 girl, that there would have been something indicating or identifying what the memorial was erected for! A local told an investigator, “It was a total disgrace, a disappointment.” The picture shown on the Ball park website shows a “gold colored” angel, but the one seen in person is made out of an aluminum type metal. One may even question whether the beam is even from the twin towers.

Andrew Griffin, a reporter for Red Dirt Report out of Oklahoma, spoke to the artist responsible for the memorial. According to the article, titled, Angel sculpture a memorial to baseball loving girl. 

Lei Hennessy-Owen is a sculptor who specializes in metal art. Her works have gained national notoriety because of her 9-foot, 11-inch metal angel sculptures that are at the 9/11 crash sites World Trade Center “ground zero,” the Pentagon in northern Virginia and the Shanksville, Pa. Flight 93 crash site. In fact, the “ground zero” angel sculpture she made is on a national tour and currently in Philadelphia.”

“Hennessy-Owen says she has a heart for the military and for the victims of violence and terrorism. She wants to bring her metal angels to places, like here in Oro Valley, where innocence was lost, as was the case when Christina died in the shooting that also ended the life of U.S. District Judge John Roll, Giffords’ staffer Gabe Zimmerman and three constituents Dorwan Stoddard, Phyllis Schneck and Dot Morris. Thirteen people were also wounded in the attack.”

“I have a connection to the military, a father who was a captain in the Air Force and a son in the Marines,” Hennessy-Owen said, adding that she has not suffered the loss of a child but greatly sympathizes with the Green family and of those who died or were injured in the shootings, allegedly perpetrated by lone gunman Jared Lee Loughner, who is now in custody.”

“So, earlier this spring, moved by the story of Christina-Taylor Green, Hennessy-Owen created an 9’ 11’’ angel sculpture “Freedom’s Steadfast Angel of Love” – in memory of Green, much like the other angels she has created. Hennessy-Owen contacted some people and was able to get abeam from the destroyed World Trade Center site, pieces from the wreckage at the Pentagon and two large rocks from Somerset County, Pa., where Flight 93 crashed on 9/11. While in the Tucson area, prior to the dedication, which took place in early April, Hennessy-Owen said she got to know John and Roxana Green, Christina’s parents. “I love the Greens,” Hennessy-Owen told Red Dirt Report. “I absolutely love them.”

Are these ‘angels’ a symbol of territorial markings? The 9/11 memorial, as well as the 9/11 ‘flag of remembrance’ was placed at the corner of INA and ORACLE Street in Tucson, Arizona. Was this another territory marking of a hostile take-over taking place in America? Are terror attacks set-up by corrupt agencies and individuals responsible for the desecration of America?

“It is with an iron will that they embark on the most daring of all endeavors … to meet the shadowy future without fear and conquer the unknown” Ferdinand Magellan, circa 1520.


To sum this up, I will tell you, a heavy price was paid while I was in Tucson demanding answers about Christina-Taylor Green. I was chased around and followed constantly by those that did not want anyone poking around and asking questions. I proceeded cautiously through the jungle of corruption I had stumbled into. At the end of the psychotic corruption-filled trip I had engaged in, a spiritual intervention helped me locate a distant friend that managed to grant me a safe passage out of Pima County.  I had made contact with someone who was part of an organization promoting law enforcement to defend, protect, and uphold his or her Constitutional oaths. Although I had my apprehensions, considering it was Pima County, to my surprise, I was contacted within 12 hours with an escape route. Thankfully, this kind man lent a hand when I felt my life was in grave danger. It was a very intense 28-straight, long hours, back to my origins. Investigative journalists used to be heroes on American soil, but not anymore, it seems. I was grateful for making it out with my life and for being able to pass along to you what I learned on that very long and jumbled journey into the depths of this story.